REBOOT is a platform for discussion about the ecosystem of contemporary art that aims to identify, strengthen and map new collaborative networks in order to make the models of reflection, investigation, production and exhibition of works more inclusive, sustainable and open.
It results from the work of a broad and multidisciplinary team that has been collaborating with the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation, and intends to create the conditions for the debate on the post-pandemic world, to assess the impacts of this halt on the art markets – not on intellectual and artistic production , which has not been interrupted - and in the suspension of a set of related activities: production, exhibition and itinerancy, fairs, galleries, and the way in which this forced stagnation changed the ways of working in a set of related sectors, craft, industrial, commercial, of reflection, writing, editing, teaching…

Reboot Conferences with Live Streaming


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Reboot Conferences with Live Streaming


Conference Programme

Mistress of cerimony - Sheree M. Mitchell


09:00 am

Opening of REBOOT by Joana Vasconcelos

09:15 am

A Prospective View for Museums

Bernard Blistène, Jean-François Chougnet, Joaquim Oliveira Caetano

Moderated by Rui Silvestre

10:20 am

The New Era

Carmen Maraschin, Mário Resende, Sidival Fila

Moderated by Idalina Conde

11:15 am

Open Dialogues

Gilles Lipovetsky, Jean Serroy, Bernardo Pinto de Almeida

Open Conversation

2:00 pm

Private Addiction - Public Virtue

Cristiano GrisogonI, Sylvain Levy and Oliver Schickler

Moderated by Isabel Lucas

3:15 pm

Social Responsibility

Joana Vasconcelos, AI Wei Wei and Barthèlèmy Toguo

Moderated by Enrique Juncosa

4:35 pm

Contributions to a Sustainable Future

Carmo Palma, Maura Marvão and Luigi da Vecchi

Moderated by Filomena Marques

5:40 pm

Public Art

Graça Fonseca, Xing Danwen, Jean Denant and Victoire di Rosa